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February 1, 2020
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February 1, 2020

20 Best Stay at Home Mom Jobs

20 Best Stay at Home Mom Jobs

20 Best Stay at Home Mom Jobs

Motherhood is a gift. Being a mom is not an easy task as it seems. There would be a lot of other responsibilities falling apart from raising the children. Every day is a busy day for any mother. Despite such hectic schedules, there are a few women who want to make money by taking out some time. This could be possible if there some family support and proper time management. There are some home-based jobs for such aspirant moms who do not want to lose their careers. Check the list below

1. Fashion Designers

Women and fashion are a match made in heaven. Some women own a very unique sense of style and love to design clothes. Fashion designing is always a good income-earning opportunity for women. Some effort has to be put into learning the skill. Once you have mastered the skill then you are unstoppable. Who does not want to look pretty in the latest fashionable clothes? People are running to fashion designers to design clothes for them as soon as they have an event to attend. These days we find people custom designing their clothes by fetching ideas from various social media platforms. Such people need some good fashion designers to understand their requirements and stitch their clothes accordingly. A good fashion designer will never run out of opportunities.

2. Freelance writer

Are you a good writer??? Then freelance opportunities are always there to sell your work. In the current scenario, there is a good demand for article writers, content writers, content managers, ghostwriters, etc. Get yourself enrolled in one of the freelance sites and try to get some work. It would be difficult initially but yes profitable later. But make sure that you develop the content of your own without any plagiarism to survive in this field in the long run. And what’s the benefit here? You could be a freelance writer while you’re at home itself. You could manage both the activities at home and also your writings.

3. Proofreader

Are you a grammar Nazi? Do you have the capability to identify Grammar mistakes, punctuation, vocabulary, etc? Then proofreading is a highly rewarding job for you. At these days a lot of written content being developed all around and because of this there is high demand for proofreaders. You could register yourself in one of the freelance sites and apply for any proofreading jobs. Just by identifying such minute mistakes you could make some good bucks sitting back at home.

4. Online tutoring

Nowadays the learning curve of students is inclining more towards online learning. Be it learning of any skill or gaining knowledge in any subject, people are browsing the internet for various topics. This has increased the need for more numbers, not online tutors. If you are really good and knowledgeable in some subject why not sell your knowledge to those who need them. It is not always easy to find an expert to guide us in getting some good proper information over a subject.    Enroll yourself in some online tutoring app or website and just pass on your education to them. Not only your knowledge gets better with this but you will also make some good bucks for the knowledge you possess.

5. Work as a transcriber

A transcriber is a person who listens to the audio and writes them down as words. Imagine the speed with which you have to write to match the speed of the audio you will be listening to. If you are good at this skill of converting the audio to written format, then why not try yourself into transcribing. There is a fair demand for efficient transcribers these days. You will some good amount of money through this

6. Life coach

Women have this nature to pacify anyone who is emotionally weak. With motherhood, this pacifying nature increases even more. These days we find a lot of people undergoing stress and struggling emotionally and mentally. Such people would need a life coach to listen to their problems and console them. If you are a good listener and if you’re a person who would help people come out of their emotional crisis then this job is for you. Promote yourself on any social media platform or enroll yourself in any one of the organizations and counsel people on their mental problems.

7. Travel Agent

If you are an ardent traveller who has travelled many places or if you’re a person who has got some idea over various tourist spots then this would be a hit shot for you. You could help the travellers in suggesting places for travel to them according to the situation, booking travel tickets for them, booking hotel rooms for them, designing itineraries for them, etc. This job needs a good promotion to grab a good amount of clients. Or you could also tie-up with some existing travel providers and work for them on a freelance basis.

8. Blogging

Creating a blog and starting it is an easy task. But foraying it into the people is a bit tedious job.  Blogging is not an easy task in the beginning. But as time passes by if you could gain some good amount of audience for your blog then this is one of those hassle-free businesses. The ads displayed on your blog earn you some good amount of money depending upon the number of visitors you get on your blog.

9. In-home childcare

Some of the urban parents today do not have the proper time to look after their infant due to their busy work life. Such parents always look out for someone who could take care of their child in their absence. We could either run a crush at our residence wherein parents leave their kids with us while going to work and pick them up on their way back home. Else we could even attend their kids in their homes to look after. Either of the options would work out

10. Party planner

Some of them cannot organize a party or an event. Event managers or party planners turn out to be a boon for such clients. Just prepare a quote of the expenses that get involved in organizing the party like for decorations, food, gifts, etc. Include even your service charge in that. This job would not just reward your money but also give you some entertainment.

11. Freelance wedding planners

Weddings are not any easy parties these days. Everyone would want to organize there a wedding in a fantabulous way with good pomp and show. With many events taking place during the wedding there is a need for a wedding planner to organize and plan the events accordingly. But this could not be a full-time at home job. Though the planning part could be done at home, execution will need the planner to be present at the site to organize things properly

12. Social media marketing

There is a lot of selling stuff happening all over social media. You have a lot of apps selling a lot of products all over. To survive well on this online retailing and social media platform there is a huge need for good marketing and advertising. If you are one of those who could analyze the marketing strategies on a social media platform and have got some prior business management knowledge then this job would be a hit shot for you.

13. Data Entry jobs

This is one of the easiest jobs that you could find online. The only skill you would need here is a good typing speed. There are a lot of data entry jobs available with work from home options for both full times, part-time and also on a freelance basis. If you could spare about 3 to 4 hours every day for this job, it will earn you well.

14. Create YouTube videos

If you have got some skill to showcase and if you can make a proper video on it and publish then YouTube video making is the best option. These days we see that a lot of talented YouTubers getting good recognition and making fair profits through their videos.  Just make a video with some good useful content, follow proper SEO guidelines, take steps for the video to go into a wider range of audience and then sit back and enjoy the money that the video earns for you. Getting yourself established in this business is a little tough and tricky. But once your talent gets recognized then you are an unstoppable

15. Freelance Software Developer

There is always a need for skilled software developers in the market. If you are someone with some software background and can quickly learn the latest technologies that change regularly then you could try being a software developer. This is one of the highest paying jobs because it is not an easy task to find a good software developer these days. If you have the skill of properly understanding the client’s requirement, designing proper algorithms and developing software in the desires language then there is no looking back for you. You could earn a good amount this way

16. Logo designer or Graphic designer

A logo designer or a graphic designer job is something which is gaining a good demand these days. As a lot of people today are opting for online selling of products, they need someone to design a logo, banner etc for their business so that they would use it for their promotion. A creative designer will never run out of opportunities in this field.

17. Gardening or Nursery Supplies

Sale of gardening tools, nursery supplies, small saplings, etc. turns out to be a profitable money-making choice. Nowadays many of them are opting for gardening at their homes or apartments. Terrace farming is also growing on a good note. But a lot of people would not have an idea of which products is required and how to maintained their farming at home. This business turns out to be a profitable bone for those who love greenery and love gardening.

18. Turning scrap into utility

Some women have a very good talent for turning out waste into utility products with their crafting skills. You could either make a video on crafting some useful product and post it on YouTube or you could also sell your crafted products online or offline. Both will earn you a good amount of money.

19. Corporate gifting

Many corporate firms give away customized gifts to their employees on some special occasions. We can take a contract from such firms and provide them with the gifts they are planning. These may include stationery supplies, novelties, etc. We could also add some of our creativity to make those gifts look more pleasing.

20. Customized designing

These days we find a lot of people looking for customized T-Shirts, accessories and many more for either personal use or commercial use. It is a good idea to grab such customers and provide customized designing services to them. Investments here will be nominal but once we get a good amount of customers it will for sure yield some good amount.

20 Best Stay at Home Mom Jobs
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